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How To Make This Year
Your Best Year Ever

On this recording you discover:

  1. How to penetrate a cash-rich market most speakers ignore
  2. How to engage economic challenges to build your business faster
  3. Actions to bootstrap your way out of the doldrums
  4. Burt's "Tough Times" strategies for speakers
  5. Self-promotion methods you can use now

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Play/Download the recording of Burt's teleseminar:

What They Don't Teach You at Speaking Business School

Here's what you discover in this call:

  • How to discover how tenacity serves you
  • How to see why it pays you to reveal your true essence to your audiences
  • How to capture the possibilities of relentless diligence
  • How to let yourself become wise
  • How to awaken and engage your intuition
  • How to let your inner fire out
  • How to release the power of your presence
  • How to surrender to your purpose
  • How to share your vision of the possible

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Play/Download the recording of
Burt's teleseminar:

Speaking Success

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Burt's 2008 Superconference Speaking Success speech:

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Clarissa Burt's interview of
Burt Dubin:

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Here's what others have to say...




You're different from others who do what you do because you help people make the most of themselves as human beings. Not just in their "lives" as speakers. It's something anyone who has studied your background, will readily see that you have also done for yourself. Which is why I'm not surprised your organization is called "Personal Achievement Institute"!

Cheers Burt,

Tayo Solagbade, Lagos, Nigeria


Wisdom, business savvy, wit, and compassion are only a few of the delights I received when working and learning from Burt. His profound knowledge of the realities of the professional speaking world made all the difference for me.

He eagerly shared his wisdom with me. Burt was a major contributor to my growth as a paid expert who speaks. For this I am deeply grateful.

Working with Burt proved to be the best, the very best investment of my time and money.

With profound respect,

Eileen Strong, 732-389-3868
Eatontown, New Jersey



It's good to see you are kicking/thinking/sharing/ urging shining tomorrows for all your readers.

I still use the introduction you helped me frame a decade ago when, as a new speaker, I was your Inner Circle Member.

This was before I thought of this being an actual career, long before my-now 7 books-long before honored as CPAE hall of fame speaker.

These ruminations are prompted by receiving your thought-filled and relevant article today.

All good wishes.

Bob Danzig, CPAE


"Our first full year of business is in the books. Without the invaluable guidance you, Burt, provided what we achieved would have been impossible. YOU helped me form the successful foundation.

Starting without a single client or prospect we finished the year with paid work in 18 different states, exceeded our revenue projections by 20% and have already booked quadruple the business in first quarter 2010 than we had 1st quarter 2009.

All this in the worst economy in 25 years (so they say) and due in no small part to your guidance and coaching. THANK YOU sir.

John Gregory Vincent, <JGV@JohnGVincent.com>
The CURE for the Common Workplace


"HowToSellSellSell.com - that's what the speaking business is all about. It has been several years since I first purchased Burt Dubin's Speaking Success course and I still refer to it when sales slow down. When I was earning my CSP, I had to book 50 paid speaking engagements a year consistently for 5 years and many of Burt's marketing techniques helped keep my schedule full. If you want to really know the inside secrets of building a successful speaking career and not just a few one shot speaking engagements, Burt's program is what you need.

Bob Oros, CSP, CMC


Burt - what an amazing journey. Just completed my 6000th speaking event. At the base of the mountain, when I first started, YOU were there. Thanks for the
education, information and inspiration you provided me when I first began. You are a mensch!!

Ted Fattoross


If you yearn for more bookings . . . higher fees . . and a delicious cash flow, stay tuned. I found Burt Dubin years ago when he spoke for a PSA Convention. I have relied on Burt for speaking business guidance . . . and I continue to do so today.

Molly Harvey , past-president PSA (Professional Speakers Association-U.K .)


If I hadnít been mentored by Burt Dubin, I would not be where I am today. I wouldn't be speaking professionally 75 times a year, I promise you that. Where I give him the greatest credit is he taught me the secret to being successful. Burt's got a pulse on what today's decision maker is interested in and what appeals to them.

Jeff Rendel - (951)-340-3770



You are wise and wonderful! I'll tell you the further I get into this speaking business, the more I appreciate the detail and amount of information you placed in those 3 binders. WOW! Truly a whole world of learning on your part! And please quote me. I mean every word of this!

Kristie Tamsevicius



There is no way I can ever repay you for all the great guidance I've received from you during the past 10 years. You have helped me to succeed.

Ted Garrison, CSP


Burt Dubin helped me go from zero, meaning from not working, to an up and going seminar business in one month.

When I asked him how much I should charge, he said, 'whatever value you are delivering.' (I started out at $3000 plus expenses and travel right out of the chute.) It's been quite an adventure. My business and speaking career have been climbing ever since.

Burt is a very gentle soul. He has depth and incredible insights. He teaches you to find the magic moments in your life and then project them to your audience.

One last thing: Burt truly cares about taking care of you. He helps you see how important you are. He speaks to your soul if you let him. He helps you let your inner power out.

I am very thankful to know Burt and to be a Member of his Inner Circle."

Nani Linder
Spokane, WA 509-467-7714


Burt, you are truly a Godsend. Thank you for coming into my life.
You are helping me cultivate this natural, raw spirit into a magnificent, powerful speaker.

Suzanne Fortune
Monroe, Washington


If you have ever dreamed of being a paid professional speaker, seeing the world, as I have, making new friends and associates, highly placed people with influence and street-smarts, staying in the best hotels, being treated like someone of importance-- and being very well paid for your expertise--listen up:

The man who took me under his wing when I was a brand new, green as grass speaker, is Burt Dubin. He is my continuing guide today. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars with other so-called speaking mentors. All wasted. Nobody holds a candle to Burt. They couldn't even shine his shoes.

Call Burt at 928-753-5315. Tell him I sent you. Get a no-cost initial consultation addressing your chances of six-figure success in the exciting adventure of being a paid speaker. Do it right now while it is on your mind.

Mike Foster
Foster Institute, 888-548-2888


Omigod Burt! Your mentoring worked.

You inspired me to turn my passion into a book called Manifesting Your Soulmate: The Skillset for Women Over 35. And I'm speaking to groups and coaching individuals to successful relationships!

Thank you, Burt. You're the best.

Patricia Fuqua,
Author and Life Coach


To say that your Speaking Success System is the best would be a great understatement. There's simply nothing else worthy of comparison. I'm being booked by 4 speakers bureaus now. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to know more about the power of the Speaking Success System.

John Kinde, 702-263-4363,
Las Vegas, Nevada


My coach as I began the journey into the speaking world was Burt Dubin and I would recommend no other! His advice was invaluable in putting together my business of speaking. He is encouraging, motivating, insightful, and readily available to assist in any way he can. Burt's wise counsel shaved years off of my learning curve and easily added tens of thousands of dollars of income to my bottom line. If you want to take your speaking career to the next level and beyond, by all means, have Burt Dubin by your side! He has my wholehearted endorsement! I truly am thankful for Burt's mentorship and friendship!

Chris Widener
President, Made for Success
issaquah WA 425-444-4625



I treasure your work with me. Your mentoring got me to a feeling of professionalism along with finding my passion and spirit as a speaker. You have made a difference in my life and my career, and I owe it to you.

I am raising morale and transforming lives, Burt, and it's all thanks to your research on my behalf.

Rosalie Moscoe, Toronto, Canada.


Burt Dubin is my mentor and coach. He assists again and again to get my speaking and my business to the next level. I am living my dream because Burt, he is the best!

Be Someone, Inc. is the youth development organization I created. It uses the game of chess to teach youngsters the game of life.

Orrin Hudson, Achievement Strategy Expert,


Burt created a condition in which I, as a speaker, took a quantum leap in the direction of my dreams. Mastery became possible. I moved from aspiring to thriving. Specifically, in just the first 3 months of Burt's mentoring me, I used concepts he gave me to get a $15,000 contract from a major State Government and a $22,000 contract from a major corporation. Anyone with the slightest doubt about the transcendence of Burt's mentoring is welcome to call me.

Joyce Pike
Delmar, New York


It was my pleasure to sit at the feet of Burt Dubin, as part of his Inner Circle group over the past year. His powerful wisdom and practical applications have, and will continue to serve me fantastically.

However there is one reason above all others that I would recommend Burt and his system. Burt taught me the single most valuable thing any new, talented speaking professional needs to learn:

How to actually make a good living at it.

Louie Gravance,
Orlando, Florida


Burt, you taught me a lot and I am thankful. At the recent Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention, I was recognized by Eastman Kodak. I now speak on behalf of Kodak at State, Regional and National Conventions. I gave 2 programs at this convention. Got rave reviews. And I sold over $20,500 in back of the room sales. Even I was blown away. In addition, I have now developed 2 (Photography) Success Systems based on your model. One for wedding photographers, one for portrait photographers. Thank you. I guess my investment in your program was worth it!

Douglas Allen Box
Master Photographer (Now Speaker)


Your System is a real indispensable friend, Burt. It's playing a major role in my new success as a paid professional speaker. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say it's magic.

Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA


You are the proverbial walking encyclopedia, when it comes to the science and practice of speaking. Your commitment, your diligence, your integrity, your unbelievable capacity to help me, is unequaled. You live and bring value and splendour and meaning to my life. I'm a full-time conference speaker now, touching the lives of thousands of people every month. In deepest appreciation . . .

Claude Moller
Pretoria, South Africa


Burt is one of the most genuine people I have met, particularly in this industry. I know because I was in his Inner Circle. His materials are wonderful and they are updated all the time. I think this is well worthwhile.

David Price, CSP
1997-8 President National Speakers Association of Australia
1998-9 President International Federation for Professional Speakers
Perth, Australia


Burt Dubin is a giant in the professional speaking business. Anyone who is anyone in the industry knows who he is -- and reveres him.

As one of his Inner Circle, I was exposed to people who have become great friends, information that has made me significant amounts of money and was exposed to resources, strategies, tactics and tools I use every day.

Burt believed in me when I didn't always have much belief in myself. I count him as a friend and mentor.

Michael Angier (Michael@successnet.org)


Thanks Burt, your fees for your program are covered just by this contract alone and then some!

And this is just the beginning.

I never would have positioned myself like you had me do it and so all i can say is Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!!

In such a short time of our working together too--like two weeks or so! AMAZING and we haven't even gotten to speaking yet.

Sharon Quarmby

Corporate Marketing & Sales Strategist
Shelly Beach, South Africa
+(27) 76-197-0770


Burt, your program gave me the marketing skills and business savvy I needed to create a successful speaking business. Thank you for the time and energy you invested in me.

Jana Stanfield, CSP,
Nashville, Tennessee


Wow, Burt -

You really did help me - you got me focused on how to position my services, explain my benefits to meeting planners and concentrate on prospecting. This is no small feat. I truly appreciate your guidance when I needed it most to get my business off the ground! And you can quote me on that!!

Thank you,

Sandy Geroux,
Orlando, Florida